I am looking forward to having a long and happy working relationship with yourself and your horse/pony, however, I would like you to bear in mind the following:-

  • When booking a lesson: my charges include my costs for travel/time to your chosen venue up to a distance of 15 miles away from my base in Aylsham.  Any additional mileage will be charged at 50p per mile.  My postcode for mileage purposes is NR11 6HZ.
  • Be On Time and Ready: for the agreed start time of your lesson – ideally on board and warmed up to utilise your riding time – not to be dragging your horse in from the field as I arrive.  While this may happen from time to time, it’s only fair for me to end your lesson at the allotted finish time (therefore giving a shorter lesson).  However, if I arrive late, then it’s fair to expect to get the full time you have booked.
  • For all lessons or clinics: undertaken on your horse/pony, hats up to the current BSI standard must be worn and body protectors are highly recommended for jumping.  Every measure is taken to ensure the safety of horse and rider but riding is a risk sport and horses can be unpredictable.  Lesson bookings are taken on the condition that the individual undertakes responsibility for their own safety and is competent to ride at the appropriate level.  All tack and equipment must be in good condition and fit the horse correctly.  Tack checks will be carried out in certain circumstances – if in doubt, please ask.
  • Payment: If you forget payment at least offer some means to get it to me rather than assuming it can wait until your next session.    
  • Payment of Day or Longer Term Services: if you have booked me to run a clinic, be in attendance at a show, look after your horse whilst on holiday, I will expect half of the agreed costings up front with the remainder to be paid on completion. 
  • Cancellations: will be charged at 50% of the full price if cancelled within 24 hrs of your booked session and at full price if cancelled on the day.  This must be paid before making your next booking.  If you need to cancel, please phone or text.  Do not email as it is not always available to check.  If you have sent a text, I will reply to confirm.  If you do not hear back from me, please phone to follow up as I may not have received your message.  If you do not contact me and I arrive for your lesson, you will be liable to still pay for your lesson.  
  • Non-Attendance: If you have forgotten your lesson, you will be charged for the full amount and must be paid before booking another session.  Should I be unable to attend a booked session, you will be contacted as soon as possible and no charge will be made.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: horses being horses I do understand if unforeseen circumstances prevent your lesson from going ahead i.e. lameness, illness when I have already arrived to teach you.  However, in this situation it would be appreciated if you could please offer at least an appropriate amount to cover the time and money I have spent travelling to you. 
  • Weather: Unless you are lucky to have an indoor school, there will be days where the weather is less than desirable to ride in!  For the majority of the time, riding is an outdoor sport and under most weather conditions your lesson can proceed.  However, in severe weather, where we agree it would be dangerous to ride, the cancellation fee will be disregarded.  Examples of severe weather conditions – extremely high gusty winds, torrential rain, arena flooding, thunder and/or lightening, ice/snow.
  • Nature of Freelance Coaching: there is a lot of travelling between clients.  I always try to allow plenty of travelling time, but if you are late for your lesson, I may not be able to run over time due to travelling to another client.  If you are unable to run over time, your lesson will be charged at a suitably reduced rate.

Other Considerations

  • Homework: If you are undertaking regular lessons, then please make a concerted effort to work on what we have discussed in your last lesson before your next one.  This gives you maximum benefit from the money you are spending.
  • Freezing Lessons for a Period of Time or Stopping Altogether: if you are planning to stop lessons for a period of time or stop altogether, please give as much notice as possible, especially if you have a routine day and time.  I would also appreciate a face-to-face discussion about this rather than via a text or e-mail. 
  • Private Time: I spend a lot of time immersed in this equine passion but when I step away (from time to time) to take a break, please be mindful of that.  I want to give you my full attention when required.  Try to reserve communication during evenings or holidays to absolute emergencies.
  • Other Trainers: I will not be offended if you take lessons from others, but it’s best to be open if you’re going for a session with someone else. In many cases a new pair of eyes will be able to offer a useful alternative technique and everyone will benefit.
  • Professional Excellence: I am continually learning and looking to improve myself as well as my clients. Constructive criticism is helpful and I am not afraid to admit if an issue stumps me then I will direct you elsewhere when it is appropriate.